Hi Everybody!

As you probably have noticed we have reached 40th post! Maybe you have wondered where i got the idea to create this blog? Well, there is a thread in Celebrity Nudity Database forum about Hairiest bushes to appear in mainstream movies… This thread was created in 2004 and there has been no updates for quite long time. Anyway, i liked the topic and decided to create a blog.

I wish i had more time to maintain this blog and post updates more often…

Thanks & Enjoy


Sandrine Bodenes from “Le Skylab”
year 2011
[bush & pits]



Sandrine Bodenes

Download from freakshare

Dayana Legrá from “Molina’s Ferozz”
year 2010



Download from freakshare

Antigoni Amanitou from “1922”
year 1978
[bush & pits]



Download from freakshare

Adele Haenel from “Après le sud”
year 2011



Download from freakshare

Aurore Broutin
from “Hors Satan”
year 2011
[bush & pits]



Download from freakshare

Fiona Gordon
from “Le bar des amants”
year 1998



Download from freakshare

Eva Grimaldi
from “Jours tranquilles à Clichy”
year 1990



Download from freakshare

Sydne Rome from “Che?”
year 1972



Download from freakshare

17 Responses to Hairiest bushes to appear in mainstream movies40

  • icestorm:

    I think is Julie delpy instead of Sandrine Bodenes on the first video

  • Mr198222:

    And we bush lovers thank you so much. I knew there was going to be a 40. I stumbled upon this site, googling around for the hairiest bushes. What a fucking jackpot.
    I can’t stand shaved pussy, so sites like these are gold!

  • secret:


    It is Sandrine Bodenes only mate! Just confirmed it :)

    Strangely though, her name doesn’t appear in the cast…..so grrrreat job Crazy4Hairy in identifying her!!

    She in my opinon has the biggest and best bush and a matching armpit!! Ohhh man if only all women were like her…..I’d marry her in an instant!

    • pedro:

      Hmmm, I hate to say it but it looks suspiciously like a merkin (pubic wig) she’s wearing to me, especially on
      the side view – so perhaps there’s a bit of cheating going on there from Sandrine. C’mon girl, grow your own!
      Emily Mortimer made a great job of it for the film ‘Lovely & Amazing’.

  • Brian:

    Yep, I’m 99,9% sure that I see a pubic wig in the Sandrine Bodenes movie. :(

  • Fatjak:

    No. Not a merkin. You guys are off your rockers, I’m afraid.

    First off, a merkin is extremely difficult to create realistically, to apply (as it requires hot glue being placed on an actress’ bare, hairless genitals, and to keep on and in place. They are okay for use in static, poorly-lit sequences…but for a scene outdoors in the bright sun where an actress is walking around? No way whatsoever. They are also a relatively expensive alternative to something that can be obtained completely naturally. You gentlemen need to do some research on actual cinematic makeup and prosthetics before making claims like ‘99.9% sure.’ Because your ‘99.9% sure’ is actually 99.9% wrong.

    Secondly, the actress has very hairy armpits as well. Why in god’s name would she grow out thick tufts of armpit hair and then shave her bush bald so they can apply a huge merkin to it? Makes no sense at all.

    Thirdly, this is a fairly low-key European release directed by a former actress who has done plenty of her own film nudity (including full bush scenes). Have you ever even heard of a fairly low-budget, limited release European (let aone French) film that employed merkins? No.

    Fourthly, the actress in this scene is practically unknown. Unknown, amateur actresses in European period pieces do not have “No Nudity” clauses. She would have no reason or contractual defense for trying to ‘hide her body.’ The only possible reason then for an actress in her position to use a merkin would be if she had physical problems with growing her own hair. That issue would have been addressed during Casting when the nudity issue was addressed and simply she would have likely been replaced in her limited role if she couldn’t meet the nudity standards for the film. They wouldn’t spend all of the money on hair and makeup for a merkin for some unknown actress.

    Be sensible, guys. That is not a merkin. Please stop seeing merkins where they do not exist. If you can cite and quote an interview with an actress, a makeup professional, or a director who STATES PLAINLY that a merkin was used, then you can call it a merkin. But they are extremely rare in cinema because of the expense and difficulty associated with them. Do your homework before making statements like ‘99.9% sure’ and you’ll wind up looking a lot smarter. ;)

    • chuck_62:

      Of course this is a merkin. Even the pit hair is a fake (search the web an you will find picutres of Sandrine Bodenes with shaved pits). Nowadays even french actresses shave their pubic hair.

      They want to show us pubic hair of the 70s and did too much all the way. The hair is too long and the spread is too big. Watch the video a few times and if you ever saw real pubic hair in your life, you will see that this is a merkin.

  • Franz:


    At first keep on doing  this awesome work with the video clips! They’re really great! I got a question. Do you know actresses who look (and have an amazing bush) like Brigitte Carva? If so please post them :-)

  • JulRococo:

    Thanks for especially the last comment. Pls could you indicate another movie where Sandrine Bodenes with that magnificent bush acted in the past?

  • rhomberg:

    Thanks for the Post and congratulations to the 40!
    (Fiona Gordon and Eva Grimaldi are already down)

    greetings :rhomberg:

  • davewan56:

    love the hairy pussies but most file dont exist shame

  • david robertson:

    luv the hairy pussies but mosyt link i tried to download dont exist

  • cledsan:

    good mornig.

    I need help because I don´t get open the clip Cécile Zervudacki from “Salva e custodisci”.

    this file is zip.

    thank you for your help

  • Franz:

    Unfortunately I can’t open the zip file either. :/

  • hclover:

    julianne moore in short cuts (1993) has a nice extended nude scene with natural red bush. several other a-list actresses get nude in the movie as well and more beaver bush is revealed.

    the movie slamdance has some great hairy cunt scenes as well.

    another movie to blow your load to hairy pussies is porkys. i learned to ejaculate using the movies above.

    i love hairy cunts !!

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